Android App

If your Android phone or tablet is “newer” (Android version 8+), go to settings and enable “Allow QR Code scanning” Then, start the camera and locate the qr code (shown below) in the view finder. When the camera recognizes the qr code, a message will show at the top. Press on the message and the Google Play Store will load up and show the voice exercise app in the Play store. Press on “Get” or “Install” and follow the prompts.

If you have an older android device, do the following:

1. Find and press the “Play Store” icon pre-installed on your android device.
You will have to log in there. Create an account if you have never been to the Play Store.
Once logged in, type “JW Voice Studio Warm Up Exercises” into the search box and press the magnifying glass.

2. Press on the red icon that shows “JW Voice Studio Warm Up Exercises”
Go through the buy and installation steps and that should do it!